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Celebrate Pride, Honor Its Roots as Anti-Police

Police officers should have absolutely no role in the modern-day queer and trans liberation movement and any parades, marches or events celebrating the lives of LGBTQ people.

Israel and Allies’ Profit from Oppressing Palestinians

Israel’s arms and security industry, an intrinsic part of the apartheid also shaping the coercive dimensions of states everywhere, bringing the politics and methodology of occupation to other countries and regimes.

Anti-Asian Violence Didn’t Start or End With Trump

Over 85 Asian American and LGBTQ groups are “calling for a redistribution of wealth and resources into things like health care and housing … because we know that at the root of the violence that we see in our communities, is … inequality.”

Community-Run Child-Care Centers During World War II

Solving our child-care crisis requires strong, bold policies. World War II government efforts to ensure accessible and affordable high-quality child care points the way to the kind of bold action we need.

Black-Palestine Solidarity Making Way to Capitol Hill

Progressive Black Democrats are reviving a radical tradition of Palestine solidarity in Congress, challenging Black leaders in their own party and Washington's support for Israeli state violence.

The Borders of Gravity and Quantum Physics

The results may offer insight into the inconsistency between quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity, which describes gravity and the behaviour of the universe at very large scales.

Power, Wealth, and Justice in the Time of Covid-19

With almost four million dead, the saddest story of all is the tale of vaccine nationalism that Menon tells in a world in which neither the words “fair” nor “share” seem much in fashion, but “profits” and “patents” certainly are.

Republicans Tried to Kill the ACA -- It Got Stronger

While not a complete victory, the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act places it on its firmest legal ground yet.

10 Things We Get Wrong About Reparations

The federal government alone is capable of paying the bill. And, as the entity that created and maintains the black-white wealth gap, it should pay the debt.

WPA’s Federal Theatre: Jobs and Creative Achievement

The Federal Theater is a model for employing jobless people and at the same time building the nation’s physical, environmental, social, and cultural resources.
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The 20th Century Rise of the Confederate Soybean

Mathew Roth Zocolo Public Square
Confederate generals, memorialized through the south in monuments, parks, towns, and military bases, were an available form of nostalgia for naming soybean cultivars, part of a larger pattern of systemic racism whose legacy can be felt to this day.


Myanmar Military in Pursuit of Poetry

Phyllis Klein New Verse News
As the generals imprison over 30 poets, California poet Phyllis Klein attacks the killers of poetry in Myanmar, the futility of trying to erase words with bullets.


Women’s Political Activism in Palestine

Mark Griffiths LSE Review of Books
A deep look at how Palestinian women have practiced creative and often informal forms of everyday political activism and resistance. The reviewer considers the book among the finest social scientific works on contemporary Palestine in recent years.


Black Communities Have Always Used Food as Protest

Amethyst Ganaway Food & Wine
Beginning with the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black people in America have used food as a means of resistance, rebellion, and revolution as well as maintaining a closeness with one another through the meals they ate.



The Organic Intellectuals in China

Elaine Sio-ieng Hui Marxist Sociology Blog
Some workers in China have fought against the capitalist values coming to dominate the country. The author describes the roles these workers play as organic and semi-organic intellectuals as well as the challenges they face trying to organize.


Houston, We Have a Labor Dispute

Meagan Day Jacobin
It has long been rumored that a strike in outer space occurred in 1973. Astronauts say that isn’t quite true, but the real story is still a testament to the potential of strikes — or even just the threat of strikes — to shift the balance of power.


Rutgers Unions Find Power in Coalition

Rebecca Givan Organizing UpGrade
The Coalition of Rutgers Unions backed up their negotiations with street actions, including a protest in support of Latinx families in New Brunswick, NJ whose school was facing demolition because of the university’s real estate development plans.


Barbara Bowen Passes the Torch

John Tarleton The Indypendent
The outgoing leader of NYC's leftmost union local looks back on long struggle to transform CUNY.


There Is No Labour Shortage, Only Labour Exploitation

Sonali Kolhatkar Naked Capitalsm
If the hyperbolic claims are to be believed, American workers are luxuriating in the largesse of taxpayer-funded payments, thumbing their noses at the benevolent and generous employers who are struggling to fill job vacancies.

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Election Officials Are Under Attack

The Big Lie of widespread voter fraud and a stolen election has made election officials the target of abuse, intimidation, and even death threats.


The One and Only Dick Gregory | Documentary

By 1968, Dick Gregory was speaking out against the Vietnam War, which made him a target of the FBI. Watch the premiere on Sunday, July 4 at 9/8c on SHOWTIME.