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Friday Nite Videos | February 28, 2020

“The Billionaire Election”. Mama Africa | Andrew Tosh. The Case for Bernie Sanders. The Case for Elizabeth Warren. Trump’s Flailing Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Sidelining Scientists Can Only Make COVID-19 Worse

We need to hear about the risks directly from the experts, not through the filter of politicians

The Fox-Trump Coronavirus Feedback Loop

The hours of Fox coverage Trump watches each day shape his worldview -- and direct his often inchoate rage

Our View of Black History Has Radically Shifted

The case for reparations and The 1619 Project have focused attention on what makes African Americans distinct

Pandemic, Meet the Trump Personality Cult

The Trump team confirms all of our worst fears

Important Word in ‘Democratic Socialism’ is Democratic

Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t talking about making America into Cuba or Venezuela. He’s talking about extending social guarantees like those offered in other advanced countries, such as Denmark and Sweden.

How Bloomberg Trashed Public Education in New York

I’m an art teacher. Mike’s policies gutted my school. During those years, I was lucky to have enough copy paper for my students to draw on. Bloomberg’s harmful education policies are today being papered over as his money cascades through the media.

Civic Religion and the Secular Jew

Sanders’s secular Jewishness is among the most common forms of Jewish identity in the US, yet it is a religious identity that has never before appeared so prominently on the national political stage.

Sochie Nnaemeka Wants to Take On Corporate Democrats

The new director of the Working Families Party in New York wants to unite the left against Governor Andrew Cuomo and his austerity politics.

Feb. 27, 2020-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Trump Betrays Workers; Bernie, Bloomberg, Labor, Nevada Outcome and Culinary Workers; Trump Torture of Immigrants; The Value of Portside - Why So Few Contribute; Resources; Announcements; and more .....
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Morir Soñando

Martín Espada Rattle
“This poem is an elegy for a dear friend and mentor, Luis Garden Acosta,” writes Martin Espada, whose “activism…changed his community in Brooklyn [and] the lives of untold thousands like me.”


Serfs of Academe

Charles Petersen The New York Review of Books
The plight of academic adjuncts, those Ph.D's working full-time at low wages, no benefits and little job security, viewed not just as prototypical exploited gig workers and units of flexibility but also as an advanced contingent of union activists.



Dorian Lynskey The Guardian
A compelling account of how far-right firestarters helped ‘the world’s most gifted media troll’ to become the US president.



Kickstarter Employees Vote to Unionize in a Big Step for Tech

Kate Conger and Noam Scheiber The New York Times
Hands holding a Kickstarter United button Engineers and others at the crowdfunding platform voted narrowly to form a union, one of the first tech companies to do so. “The tech sector represents a new frontier for union organizing,” Richard Lanigan, the union’s president, said in a statement.


Bernie Wins Big in Nevada

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
"That's Called Electability": Diverse Coalition Propels Bernie Sanders to Big Win in Nevada."That's not just a savvy coalition for winning the Nevada caucuses, it's how Bernie Sanders becomes president.

Friday nite video


Mama Africa | Andrew Tosh

Originally written and performed by the late, great Peter Tosh. Featuring Peter's son, Andrew Tosh, with Donald Kinsey, Fully Fullwood and musicians from Africa to Jamaica to the USA.


Medicare for All

As presidential candidates continue to discuss Medicare for All, John Oliver explores how much it might cost, what it will change, and who it will help