Friday Nite Videos -- June 24, 2016

Friday Nite Videos -- June 24, 2016 feature image
June 24, 2016
Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight. Rep. Debbie Dingell's Sitdown Speech. What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Lose Your Vote? Boogie Blues on a Liverpool Street. John Oliver | Brexit.
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Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion feature image
June 24, 2016
Great Britain’s citizens haven’t been losing control over their fate to the EU. They’ve been losing it because their own country’s leaders – as well as those of most other Western democracies – are increasingly in thrall to corporate and financial interests.
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After Brexit, EuroLeft Issues Call

After Brexit, EuroLeft Issues Call feature image
June 24, 2016
'What Europe needs more than ever to avoid a slide into a xenophobic, deflationary, 1930s-like abyss'
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Immune Systems | Men and Women Are Different

Immune Systems | Men and Women Are Different feature image
June 24, 2016
Stark differences between men and women’s immune responses pose medical conundrum.
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Three Strategies to Beat the NRA

Three Strategies to Beat the NRA feature image
June 24, 2016
Gun safety advocates who until now have relied largely on traditional lobbying need to broaden their strategy to include partnerships with gun owners and civil disobedience.
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Congress Sit-ins for Gun Control

Congress Sit-ins for Gun Control feature image
June 23, 2016
Congressional sit-in over continued failure of Congress to tighten firearm laws. The historic sit-in in the House is impressive, but the two proposals they are demanding a vote on are very problematic. The Congressional sit-in protesters should be congratulated for standing up for their principles. And they should be pressured to make sure their plans to act on those principles don't undermine other principles of civil rights and equality.
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Why Mexican Teachers Are Being Jailed, Killed

Why Mexican Teachers Are Being Jailed, Killed feature image
June 23, 2016
They're peacefully resisting US-style neoliberal measures intended to crush the unions-a backbone of Mexico's social-justice movements. Taking union leaders hostage, murdering unarmed teachers and students, firing thousands, and closing one of Mexico's most progressive institutions are serious violations of human and labor rights, and of the rule of law itself. Now, 200,000 doctors to join teachers in Mexico national strike.
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Bernie Sanders: Here's What We Want

 Here's What We Want feature image
June 23, 2016
As we head toward the Democratic National Convention, I often hear the question, "What does Bernie want?" Wrong question. The right question is what the 12 million Americans who voted for a political revolution want.
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Immigration, Deportation and Foreign Policy

Immigration, Deportation and Foreign Policy feature image
June 23, 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court has voted 4-4 in one of the most consequential immigration cases in recent history, United States v. Texas. The High Court's failure to fall one way or another in the case leaves in place a lower court decision that blocks the Obama administration's deferred action immigration initiatives known as DAPA and the expansion of DACA from being implemented. An Atlanta coalition of local community organizations have launched an ICE Free Zones...
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Tidbits - June 23, 2016

Tidbits - June 23, 2016 feature image
June 23, 2016
Reader Comments: Orlando - Attack on LGBTs; Criticism of Portside and Moderators response; Gov. Cuomo's Anti-Free Speech Move Against BDS; Alina Nurses Strike; Why White Workers Left the Democratic Party; Announcements: US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation - 15th Annual National Conference - October 14-17; New Edition of Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching; BROADWAY FOR ORLANDO - "WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE" - solidarity...
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Portside Culture

Prayer for Anything but Prayer

Chris Emslie
Alabama poet Chris Emslie writes: "This is a poem in response to [the] shooting in Orlando….a poem that…expresses… gratitude to be both queer and alive. I dedicate it to the shooter…in the spirit of maintaining dignity in the face of hatred."

Achievement. Invulnerability. Comportment

Marilyn Richardson
Women's Review of Books, May-June 2016
Two startlingly realistic books by black female authors offering rich, contrasting and brilliantly wrought views of racial conditions for affluent and impoverished African Americans.

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy

Harry Targ
In this new book, Jerry Harris traces the links between the current stage of the development of transnational capitalism and the decline of democratic norms throughout society. Harry Targ guides us through this terrain, and, along the way, raises some critical questions about the significance of Harris's findings for today's social movements.


Tom Philpott
Mother Jones
Big Food is snapping up smaller, independent companies operating in niches of the industry that are actually growing, like organics. Three much-loved small players recently succumbed to the appetites of larger players.

Why Are The Guards On Strike On 'Orange Is The New Black'? Privatization Got To Them

Mariella Mosthof
One of Orange Is the New Black's greatest accomplishments in Season 3 was exploring the Litchfield guards' inner lives just as deeply, richly, and with just as much complexity as it has the inmates' lives. Rather than set up a false dichotomy where the prisoners are the "good guys" who just got themselves into a bad situation and the guards are the monsters, Season 3 shows us that the guards have it tough, too.

The Family

Maxine Scates
The American Poetry Review
In Maxine Scates's touching poem, casualties of war are not just soldiers or even surviving soldiers, but the family and its survivors.

Portside Labor

Enforcement of Puerto Rico’s Colonial Debt Pushes Out Young Workers

José A. Laguarta Ramírez
Dollars & Sense
As living conditions in Puerto Rico continue to deteriorate students and young workers from the island will continue to flood those places where family connections and job opportunities pull them. Not all will be targets of violence because of their multiple identities, as the Orlando victims were. Their fate, however, will continue to be a reminder of how invisible forces pattern seemingly random events in the lives of individuals and communities.

Pay Disparity is Stunning Between CEOs, Workers

Jon Talton
The Seattle Times
It is no coincidence that CEO pay has reached astronomical levels at the same time that income inequality has widened to a level not seen since the eve of the Great Depression or even the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. A wide body of scholarship has linked the two. CEOs, who earn 335 times the pay of their average employee, make up a big chunk of the 1 percent. Some ideas to change that are kicking around.

Teachers Take On Student Discipline

Samantha Winslow
Labor Notes
As education activists draw attention to high rates of suspensions, racial disparities, and the “school-to-prison pipeline,” the political winds are shifting.

Eliminating "Noncompete" Agreements

Kevin Johnson, James Bessen, Michael J. Meurer and Catherin
On Labor
The campaign is led by EARN, the Employee Association to Renegotiate Noncompetes, which was formed this spring to combat the negative impacts of noncompetes. It sees Dell's impending acquisition of EMC as an opportune time for employees to press for reform prior to any transition.

Let’s Stop Downgrading Workers and Jobs in Supply Chains

Steve Cotton
Equal Times
Downgrading workers and their jobs in the global supply chains must be stopped. Strong union organising, intelligent union strategies and collaborative working underpinned by robust international standards, is the way to do it.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on June 24, 2016

Sanders tells Stephen he is still very much a candidate for the nomination, and will take his 1900 delegates to the convention to push for change.

Posted by Portside on June 25, 2016

A Michigan representative describing her experience as a young child where her father nearly killed her and her mother with a gun.

Posted by Portside on June 24, 2016

Donald Trump’s supporters are passionate to the point where it seems like he could say anything and they’d stick with him. Jimmy Kimmel tests this on the street.


Posted by Portside on June 25, 2016

Patrick Clopon plays an impromptu piano duet with a psychologist at a Liverpool street station street piano

Posted by Portside on June 25, 2016

Faced with Britain's looming vote to leave the European Union, John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option.

Posted by Portside on June 17, 2016

Bernie lays out the next steps for the political revolution: fight for a real progressive program, defeat Trump and enlist a new generation of political activists from the local level up.

Posted by Portside on June 17, 2016

Lori Mae Hernandez brings some devastating political humor to America's Got Talent.