Friday Nite Videos -- May 27, 2016

Friday Nite Videos -- May 27, 2016 feature image
May 27, 2016
Hillary Clinton's Email Emergency. Donald Trump Can NEVER Be President. Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out. Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump. Weiner | Documentary Film.
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How About 100 Bernie Sanders?

How About 100 Bernie Sanders? feature image
May 27, 2016
The passion around his presidential campaign can be channeled into transforming Congress. We’ll pool resources across the US to beat big money.
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French Worker Protests Spread

French Worker Protests Spread feature image
May 27, 2016
'What we want today is for this movement to spread,' says a leader of the CGT, which is organizing the protests.
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Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong About the 1990s

Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong About the 1990s feature image
May 27, 2016
What is the true economic narrative about the 1990s? Was it a time of shared American prosperity brought on by smart policy? Or was it a time when the style of laissez-faire attitudes forged in the 1980s was co-opted by Democrats and began to create the growing inequality and periodic crises we’ve since become used to?
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Extinct Humans' DNA Is Helping Us Today

Extinct Humans' DNA Is Helping Us Today feature image
May 27, 2016
Neanderthals and Denisovans may have supplied modern humans with genetic variants that let them thrive in new environments.
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The Brazilian Coup's Image Problem

The Brazilian Coup's Image Problem feature image
May 26, 2016
Romero Jucá, recently appointed planning minister, was recorded saying: `We have to stop this shit. We have to change the government to be able to stop this bleeding - the corruption investigation. The motives and nature of the plot to remove Rousseff are apparent in the transcript of the phone conversation between Jucá - a ally of new president Michel Temer - and Sérgio Machado, former senator who until recently was president of the state oil company, Transpetro.
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With Brexit, Europe's Left Is Divided

With Brexit, Europe's Left Is Divided feature image
May 26, 2016
Can the EU still unite a continent shattered by world wars, or is it little more than a vehicle for austerity capitalism? Soon British voters will vote on Brexit - leaving the EU. Given the absence of a strong, continent-wide left, however, reversing the current economic rules of the EU may be a country-by-country battle. It's already underway - and for all of the economic power of the EU, the organization is vulnerable to charges that Brussels has sidelined...
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The People's Bank - Bank of North Dakota

The People's Bank - Bank of North Dakota feature image
May 26, 2016
Despite North Dakota's collapsing oil market, its state-owned bank continues to report record profits. Farmers were losing their farms to Wall Street bankers. They organized, won an election and passed legislation to create a public bank. The Nonpartisan League's rise to power was fast and had a lasting impact on North Dakota. This article looks at what California, with fifty times North Dakota's population, could do following that state's lead.
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How Far Is Europe Swinging to the Right?

How Far Is Europe Swinging to the Right? feature image
May 26, 2016
Across Europe, voters are turning to far-right parties, won over by nationalism, anti-immigrant hysteria and failed economic policies of austerity. In Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and Sweden, far right parties have made gains. Left political parties in these countries have not been as successful as those in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece.
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Tidbits-May 26-Reader Comments, Announcements

Tidbits-May 26-Reader Comments, Announcements feature image
May 26, 2016
Reader Comments: Defeating Trump needs both Sanders voters and Clinton supporters; Environmental Activism - This is What Insurgency Looks Like; Winning Equality, Fighting Racism; Boycott Driscoll's; Austria's Elections; A Public Tribute to Michael Ratner - June 13...and more...
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Portside Culture

Welfare Queen

Majid Naficy
The exiled Persian poet Majid Naficy draws on Christian parable (the Book of Matthew), suggesting that some of the irate voices on our streets are not enemies but prophets.

Edith Piaf: Like Cold Oysters

Bee Wilson
London Review of Books
In David Looseley's take on the iconic French chanteuse Edith Piaf, her notoriously elusive life story is rendered as cultural history, drawing out what Piaf meant - and still means - to France and to her wider audience. Looseley notes that her musical persona was highly and brilliantly constructed. She projected a stage mask of suffering that was all the more affecting because the audience saw there was deprivation behind it. With Piaf, you underwent her.

Film Review: 'Kaili Blues' A New Language for Chinese Film

J. Hoberman
New York Review of Books
Kaili Blues, an eccentric, remarkably assured first feature by the young Chinese director Bi Gan, is both the most elusive and the most memorable new movie that I’ve seen in quite some time—“elusive” and “memorable” being central to Bi’s ambitions. - J. Hoberman

Cooking With Cannabis

Jonathan Thompson
The Guardian
In the two years since Colorado legalised cannabis, chefs in the state have been finding new ways to make a meal of it.

HBO’s All the Way Delivers a Kinder, Gentler LBJ

Gregg Barrios
Texas Observer
Robert Schenkkan’s Tony award winning All the Way portrays Lyndon Baines Johnson in his finest hour, and its multi-media staging on Broadway was already cinematic in nature. HBO’s TV adaptation — directed by Jay Roach in collaboration with Schenkkan’s screenplay and airing Saturday — has upped the ante, giving us a leaner, less unwieldy and more intimate rendering.


Jennifer L. Knox
Ampersand Review
What's funny about drones? Nothing. The poet Jennifer L. Knox has a sense of humor. Also a sense of outrage. Seldom do these traits go so well together as in her poetry.

Portside Labor

An Attack on Working People

Morning Star
France's new labor law allows a race to the bottom as employers take advantage of a fragmented workforce whose ability to call on the solidarity of workers elsewhere will be strictly controlled.

Unions Split as Bitter U.S. Campaign Exposes Divergent Agendas

Tim Jones and Mark Niquette
The split amid an unexpectedly contentious Democratic primary season has exposed contrasting agendas in organized labor. Trade unionists are exercised by international deals, which they blame for the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs. Service workers less affected by globalization advocate collective-bargaining rights and wage protection.

It Pays to Be White

Jeanette Wicks-Lim
Dollars and Sense
Assessing how White people benefit from race-based economic inequality.

Chronicle of a Strike

Alex Gourevitch
Verizon strikers are fighting against the oppression and indignity of the American workplace.

US Labor Against the War: 2016 Natl Assembly Reportback

US Labor Against the War (USLAW) held its 2016 National Assembly at ATU’s Tommy Douglas Center in Silver Spring, MD from April 15-17. Unlike the labor movements of most countries in the world, with the exception of trade and immigration, most of the American labor leadership still is uncomfortable or has yet to see the importance of talking about foreign policy and the need for international labor solidarity in practice rather than just in rhetoric.

One Day Longer

Shaun Richman
Forty thousand Verizon workers have now been on strike for a month. These days, a strike of the Verizon action’s scale and duration is exceedingly rare. That’s largely because the stakes for workers are so high. Strikers don’t just lose their pay and benefits — they risk losing their job entirely.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on May 27, 2016

A State Department report puts Hillary Clinton's questionable email practices back in the national spotlight, and campaign aide Carlos Jordanson plays damage control.

Posted by Portside on May 27, 2016

Sen Elizabeth Warren unleashes on Donald Trump rooting for the 2008 housing market crash, his plans to dismantle Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform, and his decision not to release his taxes.

Posted by Portside on May 27, 2016

Moms are calling on all who use the transgender community for dishonest and divisive politics: Meet my child.

Posted by Portside on May 27, 2016

Senator Sanders talks about the possibility of debating Donald Trump and competing against Secretary Hillary Clinton in California.

Posted by Portside on May 27, 2016

A painfully revealing narrative of the failed political comeback attempt of narcissist politician Anthony Weiner (aka "Carlos Danger"). In theaters and VOD. 

Posted by Portside on May 20, 2016

Home Depot worker Krystal Lake of Staten Island, NY, tells why she wore a custom-made hat reading 'America was never great' to work and what response she got.

Posted by Portside on May 20, 2016

In front of a boisterous crowd in Carson, Calif. on May 17, Bernie Sanders called on the Democratic party to "open the doors; let the people in." Sanders vowed to continue fighting rival Hillary Clinton for the party's presidential nomination. (Sarah Parnass/Washington Post)