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Unsaturated Fat Consumption Linked to Lower Mortality

Marge Dwyer
Harvard Chan Newsletter
According to a report from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in a large study of population followed for more than three decades, researchers found saturated fats with unsaturated fats conferred substantial health benefits.

Black Women’s Wages

Valerie Wilson
Economic Policy Institute
Black women have experienced the stagnation of wages along with the vast majority of other Americans. But in addition, they also experience lower pay due to gender and race bias.

The Origin of the Species

Mark Dudzic
First of the Month
The “white working class,” like the “black community,” is an abstraction that does not exist anywhere in the real world. The U.S. working class is broad and diverse. It’s not even all that white any more and certainly not all that male. Its conditions are determined by its position within a political economy but, like everyone else, the experience and consciousness of individual workers is formed by a whole series of contingent relationships and experiences.

A Strike at the Heart of the Prison-Industrial Complex

Sue Sturgis
Facing South
Date on which prisoners across the U.S. are planning to strike over being forced to work for little or no pay, describing the protest as a "call to action against slavery in America": 9/9/2016

Keeping the Blues Alive

Touré; Photographs by Danny Clinch
Is blues music a thing of the past? A festival in Memphis featuring musicians of all ages and nationalities shouts an upbeat answer.

Temp Organizing Gets Big Boost from NLRB

Harris Freeman and George Gonos
Labor Notes
Thanks to a National Labor Relations Board decision, workers employed by temporary staffing agencies may find it easier to organize and bargain.

Reform or Divorce in Europe

Joseph E. Stiglitz
Project Syndicate
The worst-performing eurozone countries are mired in depression or deep recession; their condition is worse in many ways than what economies suffered during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The best-performing eurozone members look good, but only in comparison.This system cannot and will not work in the long run: democratic politics ensures its failure. Only by changing the eurozone’s rules and institutions can the euro be made to work.

Zika: The Epidemic at America's Door

Janet Reitman
Rolling Stone
Zika may have already infected 80,000 Americans, just in Puerto Rico, and Congress has refused to act -- what if Miami or New York is next?