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We Are a Sanctuary Union

Tim Goulet
Socialist Worker
International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 810 in New York City, has voted to declare itself a "sanctuary union," becoming the first Teamsters local to do so.

Democracy's Critics

Colin Gordon
You can't understand the modern right without understanding their fundamental contempt for democracy.

Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie

Ibram X. Kendi
New York Times
We may never know why justice is still segregated from black death. On one side, people say: America is racist, and jurors are like cops — they hate black people. On the other: The police account is indisputable. Black lives do not matter. The deeper answer is that black death matters. It matters to the life of America, by which I mean the blood flow of ideas that give life to Americans’ perceptions of their nation.

All of Donald Trump's Lies

Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers & Col
Last weekend, a full page New York Times op-ed itemized, day by day, the lies Donald Trump has told since taking office. The effort deserves the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

Northern Ireland, The DUP and Colonialism

Rosa Gilbert
New Socialist
The Democratic Unionists Party’s support for British Conservatives denies us the Tory collapse and second election which could see a socialist leader swept to power. Whilst Britain continues its faux-neutral role in Ireland, true recourse to justice is stunted; women are still denied bodily autonomy; and right-wing extremists continue to prop up a government whose official policy powers in Northern Ireland denies all of us self-determination.

A New Farm Worker Union Is Born

David Bacon
The American Prospect
Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest. Members are filled with ideals, starting with their own organization. Its principles for organization sound like those of radical unions throughout U.S. history. Union leaders should be workers, and the rank and file should make all decisions. No leader or staff member should have a salary higher than a worker in the fields.

Atlanta Fought for $15 and Won

Joel Mendelson
Jobs with Justice
Economic progress is hard to come by in the South, and Atlanta is no exception. Georgia’s state minimum wage is just $5.15 an hour. The triumph for city employees represents the first step in the clarion call to ensuring everyone in the Peach State earns a fair return on their work.

The Speaker and the Ironworker

Sarah Jaffe, Interviews for Resistance
The Baffler
My name is Randy Bryce. I have been an ironworker for the past twenty years. I am a U.S. Army veteran, a dad, and a cancer survivor, and I am currently running to take Paul Ryan’s seat in the 1st Congressional district.

Settlements: The Real Story

Gershom Gorenberg
The American Prospect
Fifty years after the Six-Day War, a mistaken account of how settlement began still plagues Israeli politics.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars

ACHA’s war on women; Two tales of rape; Assange documented; TSA going political; Punishing speech at Trinity College

Inside a Bestselling Syrian Cookbook From the 13th Century

Hannah Walhout
Food & Wine Magazine
This 13th centure cookbook of Syrian recipes shows us the opulent upper limits of the cuisine from those who cooked and ate it—chefs developing recipes, explorers discovering ingredients, the wealthy elite who demanded luxury and ingenuity.