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Public Unions Can Breathe Another Sigh Of Relief At The Supreme Court

Christian Farias and Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post
The Supreme Court refused to hear Friedricks v. California Teachers Association case. This was a major victory for public sector unions because it allows them to continue collecting dues from employees who receive benefits from collective bargaining agreements.

Mamie Till and Tarsha Jackson: ‘Mothers at the Gate’

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
Equal Voice
Decades later, the extreme, extrajudicial brutality Emmett Till encountered is almost inconceivable. Nevertheless, violence against African-American bodies still takes place today, sustained by a criminal justice system that provides everything but justice. And mothers like Mamie Till are still at the forefront of the fight for justice for their children and all children.

Socrates of Amazonia

Robert Minto
Open Letters Monthly
The "great majority of people deemed philosophers in history," writes Justin E. H. Smith in this new book, "have not had PhDs, have not belonged to a professional philosophical organization, and have not carried out their careers in ‘departments.’” Smith teases out the significance of that observation, as he seeks to help us rethink what philosophy is and what it means to "philosophize." Robert Minto assesses Smith's effort.

Despite Election Setback, Podemos Forges Depth and Staying Power

Simone Pieranni
Il Manifesto
After a disappointing result for Unidos Podemos, which campaigned ferociously, the party has showed it will not be going away. In spite of the election results, the Spanish public is alert and focused. People do not attend rallies to meet friends or be entertained. Everyone is paying attention.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Socialism

Geoffrey Jacques
People's World
Gaining social control over the economic life of society - achieving socialism, in a word - requires not only that we know that the democratic republic is the staging ground for such change. It also requires that we recognize that the evidence of the future we want is visible and "invading" our present, to borrow a term from C. L. R. James, in forms that exist in the current conditions of our social life.

My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

James Zogby
Common Dreams
By silencing the Arab-American community and marginalizing us because we might dare to advocate for Palestinians, there is the damage that this hysteria does to our national discourse. At issue, it appears, is not what we are saying, but that we are the ones saying it. We are accused of “singling Israel out”, while in reality it is our critics who are singling out this issue as the only one we cannot discuss.

How Unions and Environmental Groups are Finding Common Ground

Julie Grant
Michigan Radio
Leaders in both the environmental and labor movements say the country could prevent more public health disasters like the toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan, if old infrastructure is fixed or replaced -- like leaky drinking water pipes, and natural gas pipelines. And at the same time, the repairs would create jobs.

Labor Research and Action Network Aims To Connect Researchers and Scholars with the Labor Movement

Jeff Schuhrke
Working In These Times
After the Wisconsin uprising, Erin Johansson and others felt there needed to be a central hub to connect scholars and the movement. The result was the creation of the Labor Research and Action Network (LRAN), an open, volunteer-driven forum to match academics with campaigners, share skills, design trainings, and award research grants to emerging scholars. The sixth annual meeting of LRAN took place this past weekend in Chicago.

The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform

Bill McKibben
The Clinton campaign was ready to acknowledge serious problems: We need fair trade policy, inequality is a horrible problem, and unchecked climate change will wreck the planet. But when it came to specific policy changes, they often balked. Amendments against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and backing Medicare for all failed, with all the Clinton delegates voting against.

Former Chilean Military Official Found Liable for Killing of Victor Jara

Richard Luscomb
The Guardian
“It’s a step on the path towards justice for our clients and for Victor but also for the many other families who lost someone at Chile Stadium so many years ago,” she said after the verdict. “We presented evidence that started to shed light on what happened there, and we hope that process will continue in Chile and we hope that the United States will extradite Mr Barrientos to face justice in the country where he committed these crimes.”

Film Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ed Rampell
Hollywood Progressive
In essence, Wilderpeople is about an urban Maori (the indigenous people of NZ) juvenile delinquent type, Ricky Baker (the droll, roly-poly Julian Dennison), who is placed in a foster home somewhere out in the bush. There, he is begrudgingly adopted by “Uncle” Hec, a Caucasian ex-con and “bush man” played by the great Sam Neill.