Illinois Governor's Race On Pace To Be Most Expensive in U.S. History

Tim Jones
Better Government Association
In what may seem a paradox, the worse off Illinois government gets the more the wealthy are willing to spend to gain control. It is part of a national trend that has seen ever escalating spending battles for even down the ballot offices. Down the ballot, a $1 million legislative race in Illinois used to be an oddity. Last year 23 topped $1 million, with five between $5 million and $6 million, according to Redfield’s analysis of state campaign finance records.

Calls for Impeachment Grow; Not ‘McCarthyism’ to Demand Answers on Trump, Russia, and the Election; Katha Pollitt
The calls for Impeachment deepen. Some are concerned that we then get Pence, then what. The impeachment process is drawn out, will take us into next year (2018), maybe even 2019. Organizing at the grassroots and nationally will tie into the elections. This can help us build a mass movement to repudiate the politics of Trump and Trumpism. Defeating a sitting President is no small thing. And, Katha Pollitt on why Russia-gate is not same as 50s McCarthyism.

America’s Broken Democracy

Jeffrey Sachs
Project Syndicate
Behind the formal structures of a once-functioning democracy is a political system run by corporate interests with the cynical aims of cutting taxes on the rich, selling weapons, and polluting with impunity. In Trump, they have found a shameless frontman.