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Posted by Portside on October 8, 2017
Part of what made the episode so bracing was this combination of serious material — the way holidays announce whose history is important — and biting jokes that would have no place in your ordinary Let's Learn A Leson episode of TV.
Posted by Portside on October 6, 2017
Cultural Weekly
"Whoever said a black woman/was always liberated/didn’t walk in my Mama’s heels," says southern California poet Angela Franklin, a poet active in the Social Justice movement.
Posted by Portside on October 5, 2017
A hard look at African-American author Chester Himes, whose literary fame and financial success later in life hardly made up for the oppressive racial travails that preceded it and forced him to live much of that life abroad.
Posted by Portside on October 4, 2017
Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the most significant essayists in contemporary U.S. letters. Here is a review of his new book.
Posted by Portside on October 3, 2017
Future Hope
To keep changing our country in the right direction we should learn the right lessons from that terrible war. Unfortunately, Burns and Novick have thrown up roadblocks to that happening which we will have to overcome.
Posted by Portside on October 1, 2017
The new Star Trek spin-off passes the Bechdel test under a minute into the series premiere.
Posted by Portside on September 29, 2017
Cultural Weekly
Rosie Flores, a young Latina poet from Los Angeles, speaks to the cultural differences that surround daily life. “Roses are red and we are brown,” she writes, “…we didn’t cross the border the border crossed us.”